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  For the rest of the month of February we’re offering free courier pickups and deliveries Australia wide. If you’ve been thinking about printing some tees consider this that little extra incentive to get that job done. Email us here for more information. Bookmark on DeliciousDigg this postRecommend on FacebookTweet about itTell a friend


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Feed Her To The Sharks…

A couple of tees we've printed this year for Metalcore band, Feed Her To The Sharks. [Read More...]



A small job we did a while back for a customer experimenting with process prints and multi-colour designs. Elvis and the Barbies were a CMYK process print, and the Sunshine print was a 10 colour. Thanks for the shots Brad! [Read More...]


Super Awesome X Ocean Grove

The gents over at Super Awesome are really stepping things up, and producing some amazing tee designs! One such design was the print they did for the Greenroom in Ocean Grove. Keeping that old school surf culture alive, keep living Awesome! [Read More...]